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:: 3-27-2012 :: Read Dr. Debra's Easter newsletter here.

:: 12-26-2012 :: Read Dr. Debra's holiday newsletter here.

:: 11-26-2012 :: Dr Debra Holland Travels to NJ to offer Trauma and Grief Counseling to The Victims of Hurricane Sandy. Read More.

:: 11-12-2012 :: Dr. Debra will be doing volunteer crisis counseling for the victims of Superstorm Sandy at the shelter at Rutgers in New Jersey.

:: 11-7-2012 :: Dr. Debra was the recipient of the Fairhaven Oliver Halsell Caregiver award for her service as a crisis and grief counselor.


:: 8-16-2010 to 9-18-2010 :: Dr. Debra offers an online class: "Understanding Men". Click here to learn more.

:: 02-14-2010 :: Dr. Debra's next book is available for pre-order: "Rules of Engagement: How to Set Boundaries With Difficult People" 

:: 2-12-2010 :: Dr. Debra will speak to the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America on "Achieving Your Goals in Writing and in Life."  Go to www.occrwa.org for more information.

:: 02-10-2010 :: Dr. Debra is interviewed by the blog IMHO the article "Smart Woman: Dr. Debra Holland, psychologist."  Read the article.  

:: 11-17-2009 :: Dr. Debra is quoted in the Wall Street Journal article "Stickups and Burglaries Are on the Rise—at Work."  Read the article.  

:: 10-25-2009 ::  Dr. Debra is on the radio!  Listen as she discusses "Sensitivity, Communication Skills, Crisis Counseling" with hosts Kat and Nancy on the Finding Magic in Midlife show.

:: 10-07-2009 ::  Dr. Debra offers two handouts to those coping with workplace robberies:

EMPLOYEES: Coping After a Robbery and

RECOVERY AFTER A ROBBERY: A Guide to Help Owners and Managers Support Their Employees


:: 10-06-2009 ::  Dr. Debra is quoted in the Woman's Day article "Celebrity Races to the Altar."

:: 09-03-2009 ::  Dr. Debra is on the radio:  Listen as she discusses "Giving Up Your Career—For His" with host Tra'Renee.

:: 6-1-2009 :: Dr. Debra will be teaching an online course, Understanding the Male Psyche, that will help you improve your real-life relationships with men, and if you are an author of fiction, enhance your male characters, all through taking the same course.  Click here to learn more.

:: 05-21-2009 ::  Dr. Debra is on the radio!  Listen as she discusses how to deal with difficult people with host Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu.

:: 1-31-2009 :: Dr. Debra Holland will be giving a free seminar titled 'How to Effectively Communicate in Difficult Situations' at  Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, CA, including a free continental breakfast. Learn more...

:: 10-21-2008 ::  Dr. Debra's update on the California fires.


:: 10-19-2008 :: Dr. Holland's article is featured on pg. 68 in the fall issue of BALANCE magazine, "Moving on to a Healthy New Relationship--Tips to Help You Choose Wisely."


:: 09-15-2008 :: Dr. Debra Holland's latest newsletter:

Dealing with a Disaster that Affects Your Company.

:: 08-12-2008 :: Dr. Debra Holland speaks with Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones on AM 700 WLW about NC senator John Edwards cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. Listen here or download the podcast from the August 12 broadcast. (Dr. Debra's segment is about 5 minutes into the broadcast.)

:: 06-23-2008 :: Dr. Debra Holland is quoted on the Wall Street Journal website in the article "In Wake of Tim Russert's Death, Coping When a Colleague Dies", by Sarah E. Needleman.

:: 05-01-2008 :: Dr. Debra's article "How to Make Sure He's Not Like Your Ex" appears on FirstWivesWorld.com.


:: 12-15-2007 :: A new endorsement of the latest self-help book by Dr. Debra:

"Rules of Engagement offers a wonderful guidebook that will empower readers with the inner strength and show them the practical steps needed to confront the difficult person in their lives." ~Dr. John Gray, author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus


:: 11-15-2007 :: Dr. Debra and Steven Guerrero launch a new website for their book Accelerate to  Love.


:: 09-01-05:: Dr. Debra is interviewed on the Frankie Boyer Show about coping with the Hurricane Katrina disaster.  Read her Ask Dr. Debra column to learn more about how to cope with reactions to this horrible disaster.


::09-17-04:: Dr. Debra is featured in the September 17, 2004 issue of  US WEEKLY magazine.

Links:  www.wetnoodleposse.com  - The e-zine for women, which features the "Ask Dr. Debra" column.



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