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Dear Dr. Debra,

Im sooo embarrassed even asking you this.  Im even blushing as I type  Im a woman in my mid 30s.  I havent had many sexual experiences.  Just recently I started a relationship with a wonderful man.  And weve been sexual.  And I loved it! 

The issue is that I have such a hard time talking about sex without blushing!!!  I blush about everything, and I absolutely hate it.  So I just dont talk about sex even when I want to because I know Im going start that blasted blushing and humiliate the hell out of myself.  I should be ok talking about stuff like this, and Im not.  How can I tell him about my sexual feelings?  I guess you could say my sexual fantasies?  God, doctor, I feel like a teenager here.  I should be way beyond this stage by now.  I really want to tell him all this, but I know Ill get all flustered and make a fool out of myself!  Any suggestions?


Dear Blushing,

First of all, congratulations on starting to date a wonderful man.  Youre going to have some fun and challenging experiences with him.  Enjoy.  J

For some people, talking about sex is uncomfortable.  Sex isnt a usual topic of conversation when youre growing up.  Many young adults dont have male/female sexual discussions until they begin a relationship, an already vulnerable time.  Most people become comfortable with practice, although some remain inhibited for their entire lives.

First of all, you need to tell your new boyfriend about your fear of blushing when you discuss uncomfortable issues.  Youre probably self-conscious from being teased about your blushes.  Perhaps you even carry emotional wounds from such treatment.  If your boyfriend is the wonderful man you say he is, Im sure hell be reassuring rather than critical.

At that point, you might feel comfortable enough to segue into sexual topics.  If you dont, then perhaps you could write to him about your sexual feelings and fantasies, then give/send him the letter.  You dont need to be in his presence when he reads it.  He can even write you back.

Or, you can start talking face to face, using short words and statements.  You dont need to have a whole conversation.  For example:

I like it when you touch me in that way.

Could you do that more?



A little more to the right.

Once you get used to short sentences, you can move on to paragraphs, and then to whole conversations.

Im going to suggest that your greatest difficulty might not be the way you blush, but your negative reaction to your own shyness.  Instead of being so harsh with yourself, you need to become more self-loving.  Try using supportive statements to help you overcome your fear.

Here are a few you might start with:

Its ok if I blush.

I can keep talking even if I blush.

It doesnt matter if I blush.

Affirmations are a good way to reprogram a negative mindset.  In addition to supportive statements say daily affirmations such as:

I speak confidentially.

I feel good about myself.

Im comfortable discussing sex.

You might always blush when you discuss uncomfortable topics.  But dont let that stop you.  Courage means tackling something that frightens you.

Best of luck with your new relationship.

Dr. Debra

Feel free to write me with your questions

Debra Holland, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in relationships and communication techniques.

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